• Recently I had an idea for a simple phone application that I wanted to make. I have never worked on a mobile app before so I was excited to look at what technologies were available.

    Because the app I wanted to make was quite straight forward, I decided to use Cordova.

    Cordova is an open source development framework that allows you to build a web app using frontend technologies. It’s as simple as making a website. It also allows you to develop across platforms using a single code base!

    I found using Cordova very straightforward, it was a breeze to get started with and have something running in an hour. The documentation is clear and there are plenty of online resources and blogs with helpful info about how to use it. There are also lots of plugins available, I found a few that provided really neat features to my applications.

    I was very impressed with how easy Cordova makes mobile app development and highly recommend it to anyone considering making their first application, as it is much faster than native app development. Native app development is still something I have yet to conquer. I have spent some time working with Android Studio but it’s many features can be a bit overwhelming for a newbie. However, after making a couple of mobile applications with Cordova I am a lot more confident and will probably make my next app with Android Studio.