• This is something all people struggle with at one point or another. To work smarter and in a way that makes future work easier, or to rush and get things done, but not actually DONE done.

    Since I have started a new role as a dev, I have found this is something that I struggle with often. Each time I tell myself ‘today is the day, I WILL take the time’ but things come up, I get side-tracked and I find myself rushing to finish my work as there is a more important issue to resolve. This happens a few times, weeks pass and you forget all about it. Until it’s right under your nose again and you have the sudden realisation you have painted yourself (and your buddy) into a horrible nasty hacky mess. Then the cycle continues...

    Another issue I have related to this is I find it difficult to be vocal about my struggles. I worry if I vocalise my concerns about completing a task it will come across poorly. I figure people will be happier if I get it done and that they would not notice if I took the time to do it in a better way. It’s a type of self preservation, I am new to my role and I want to come across as competent useful. Not annoying and finicky ‘Must keep strong opinions to herself until probation is over’

    So I am left thinking how I should have done this in a better way and how I failed to let people know I need more time to do it properly.

    I am making a bigger effort to reach out and let people know my time frames. Everyone on my team is incredibly supportive so I feel a lot better reaching out for help. Slowly I am learning to better estimate my tasks and take on a more appropriate workload. Yes I can get it done but I may need more time to do it well. I am also spending my own time learning more about the technologies I am working with.

    I am learning so many new things and it’s great.